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Portable Apps

At Net-100, we use portable apps as much as possible and recommend them to everyone. All the browsers and most of the utility software we use are portable. They are far superior to regular applications.

What are portable apps? A portable app is a self-contained application that will run as it is, without needing to be installed first. You can run it from a USB keychain, or from anywhere on your hard drive. You can drag-and-drop the application to move it from one location to another, and you can get rid of it simply by dragging its folder to the trachcan. There is no need to uninstall.

My top three web sites for portable apps are the following:

    This is where I get the latest portable browsers — and a lot of other goodies too.
    A huge collection. Many of the applications listed in this site have messages posted by users, and you can often find helpful tips among the messages.
    A very nice, curated collection.

I have downloaded many apps from the above web sites over the years, and my experience has been 100% positive. The apps are all free of charge. There’s no reason to pay for software when there is so much high-quality stuff freely available. They are also free of malware, so they are quite safe to use. Software from other sources may not meet the same standard of quality, so if you search other sites for similar software — you are on your own!