Guide – Install WPS Office in Linux Mint

WPS Office, previously known as Kingsoft Office, is an excellent productivity suite for Linux Mint. It looks professional, runs quickly, and works well with Microsoft Office file formats.

WPS Office is freely available for Linux Mint users, but it is not in the software repository. That means you cannot install it through the Software Manager or the Package Manager. You have to install it through Terminal commands.

There are installation instructions on (a wonderful Linux resource), but they are for the Alpha19 version. They don’t work anymore, because the latest version has advanced to Alpha21 (as of this writing in October of 2016).

I have updated the instructions for Alpha21, as below, in the hopes that they will be helpful to you. All you have to do is copy and paste the commands into the Terminal:

Step 1

cd && wget -O wps-office.deb

The above is one long line in the Terminal. What it does is download WPS Office for Linux Alpha21 from the Kingsoft web site to a file called wps-office.deb in your machine.

Please note that when Kingsoft advances beyond version Alpha21, the above instructions will no longer work. I’ll do my best to watch for the change and provide updated instructions when that occurs.

Step 2

sudo dpkg -i web-office.deb

This command installs the wps-office.deb file that has been downloaded.

Step 3

Start WPS Office from the menu to make sure it works. The first time you do this, it may show a font warning due to the lack of Wingdings in your installation. It’s okay to disable this warning if you, like me, will not need Wingdings for things like equations.

That’s it! You should now have WPS Office in addition to the Libre Office that came with the default Linux Mint installation. You may find, as I have, that you can mix and match the two productivity suites in daily usage. They each have distinct advantages, and together, they do a great job complementing each other.