Beautiful Wallpapers

Desktop background wallpapers are highly subjective. A particular wallpaper that looks great to one person may be unacceptable to another, and the same person may find different wallpapers appealing at different times. Therefore, when people ask me for wallpaper recommendations, I never give them my own favorites. Instead, I point them to so they can choose their own favorites.

When you get to the site, click on “Free Wallpaper Downloads” on the upper right. The web site will automatically detect the resolution of your screen, and present beautiful high-resolution photos for you to download.

Here’s what I really like about

  • The photographs are taken by some truly talented hobbyists. All the images are clear and sharp; some of them are simply stunning.

  • You can click on the drop-down to select the same image in even higher resolutions. This will really come in handy for people with Retina screens on Macs, or HiDPI displays that are increasingly common in PC laptops.

  • The wallpapers are free of annoying logos and texts. I do understand that people want to take credit for their work or assert copyright, but that additional element really distracts from the beauty of the image.

Have fun exploring this amazing resource!