Webmail Ad Blocker

Here’s a new discovery I’m recommending to all my friends: Webmail Ad Blocker by Jason Savard. This guy is great, and so is his work.

I use Webmail Ad Blocker for Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook.com. It not only blocks the ads that normally appear on the right side, but also expands the writing area, thus making the webmail system behave as if you are a paying customer. I didn’t think this would be a big deal, but now I find I cannot do without it.

Webmail Ad Blocker is available as a Chrome extension. I have tested it with Chrome, Chromium and Vivaldi. It’s compatible across the board and works reliably.

It is also available as a Firefox add-on. I have tested it with Firefox, Cyberfox and Waterfox. I could not find a problem anywhere. This is an excellent piece of programming.

I am not aware of a similar functionality for Internet Explorer or the Edge browser. I personally steer as far away from Microsoft’s browsers as possible, and advise everyone I know to do the same.